Consultation Services

Consultation can look very different depending on your professional activities, goals, and desired areas of growth. Primarily, I consult with individual mental health professionals, group therapy clinics, and psychology training programs seeking consultation and training in the areas of:

-Liberation Psychology for Cultural Competence
-Mindfulness and Meditation
-Psychodynamic Approaches
-Oppression-Based Stress
-Energy Psychology
-Buddhist/Eastern Psychology

Short- or long-term consultation "retainer" agreements are available. Booked consultation hours include a combination of individual or group meetings to:

-Talk through problems (e.g., clients, writing projects)
-Review written documents you want feedback on
-Complete guided meditation exercises
-Receive clinical training on specific topics
-And more!

Here are a few examples of consultation arrangements:

Therapist Consultation: Designed for therapists, psychologists, social workers, and mental health professionals seeing clients, with the hope that consultation will help them: Improve their technical therapy skills, reflect on their techniques, and learn new approaches to clinical problems they don't feel equipped to treat effectively. Additionally, I offer assistance to mental health professionals in the public health sector, which often looks like refining community presentations, improving/reflecting on workshop or retreat activities, and more. This is a great option for individual therapists seeing patients, as well as group practices hoping to provide opportunities for growth to therapists (and trainees) on staff.

Psychology Research Consultation: Designed for researchers, grant-writers, academic faculty, graduate students, and treatment developers looking to integrate areas outside of their expertise into their work. I'm also willing to meet with your research team, graduate students, or anyone else who may need my expertise. This option is highly flexible, and fits well within training programs needing complementary expertise and mentorship that programs may not have access to.

Athletic Performance, Mindfulness-Based Consultation: Designed for coaches, athletes, administrators, and sports-related amateurs and professionals looking to improve their performance and outreach initiatives. This option is very flexible, and allows sports teams to tackle short and longer-term projects, such as assessing the effectiveness of mental health services for athletes, improving team relationships, meditation classes to improve focus and performance, and more. I also take the time to write up assessment results with potential solutions for any gaps or needs in mental health service.

Business Professionals: Business, human resource, and corporate leaders seeking to improve the wellness, inclusivity, and psychology of their organizations. To solidify learning principles, individual consultation is sometimes paired with organization-wide or group-specific workshop and teaching events. 

All of my services are designed to be flexible, with short and longer-term options. Contact me via email to set up a call and explore your consultation options.