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Dr. Sawyer is a clinical psychologist specializing in race-based stress and trauma, mindfulness, and compassion.

His workshops, lectures, and consulting services are designed to help you manage race-based stress and trauma, develop inclusive institutions and communities, decrease stress and increase emotional intelligence, and improve relationships.

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Dr. Broderick Sawyer is a clinical psychologist specializing in race-based stress and trauma. He offers training, lectures, workshops and individual counseling services that are designed to heal racially marginalized people from racism. He also provides tailored consulting and training services that equip leaders with the tools and resources they need to improve diversity and inclusion in their organizations.

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Meditation has many health benefits, including but not limited to: Decreased stress and anxiety, increased work life satisfaction, and improved relationships.

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Who can benefit from Dr. Sawyer's individual and group trainings?

Literally everyone. In his doctoral training program at the University of Louisville, Dr. Sawyer received rigorous training in the scientific study and treatment of psychiatric disorders, as well as training as an instructor and workshop facilitator.

Dr. Sawyer specializes in the areas of race-based stress and trauma, mindfulness and meditation, compassion, cognitive-behavioral interventions, emotional intelligence, anxiety disorders, and diversity and inclusion.
When teaching or consulting, Dr. Sawyer's recommendations are based on cutting edge psychological research and theory, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

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