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As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Sawyer provides expert consultation to businesses and other organizations, teaches specific mental wellness and performance skills in the form of workshops or retreats, and provides individual mindfulness and meditation coaching.

Dr. Sawyer's services are designed to teach scientifically-supported methods of wellbeing and performance in general. Rather than over-sharing scientific data, his personable and direct teaching style aims to empower you or your organization with psychological knowledge that fits your unique context- and all put in plain, jargon-free language.

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Dr. Broderick Sawyer is a clinical psychologist specializing in race-based stress and trauma. He offers training, lectures, workshops and individual counseling services that are designed to heal racially marginalized people from racism. He also provides tailored consulting and training services that equip leaders with the tools and resources they need to improve diversity and inclusion in their organizations.

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In collaboration with mental health advocate and former television producer Jesse Zook Mann, Dr. Sawyer created 3 FREE audio meditation workshops.

Having personally used meditation on his own healing journey, Dr. Sawyer seeks to share everything he knows about the topic, and how to apply meditation to everyday life. He took a buffet-style approach to creating the workshop series, starting with basic meditation for beginners, and ending with advanced heart-opening visualization practices. No matter your level of skill, this free series is for you!

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Who can benefit from Dr. Sawyer?

Literally everyone!

In his doctoral training program at the University of Louisville, Dr. Sawyer received rigorous training in the scientific study of achieving mental wellness and human behavior in general. While he is not currently accepting psychotherapy clients, he is doing almost everything else to help you learn and apply principles of psychology across a variety of personal and professional situations.

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