Welcome! My name is dr. Broderick Sawyer.

I’m a clinical psychologist, trainer, public health educator, and meditation teacher.

Check my SERVICES page for more information on training topics and booking procedures. I train mental health professionals, medical professionals, lay audiences, and organizations seeking retreats.

I offer in-person and online trainings, keynotes, and retreats across a variety of topics. I often collaborate with universities, businesses, mental health training programs, medical professional training programs, and non-profits to help you bring cutting edge information to your organization or training setting.

With a down to earth style I teach a variety of topics, with primary specialties in: Applied liberation psychology, mental health hygiene, burnout prevention for high-impact helping professionals, men's mental health, self-compassion, mindfulness and meditation, racial stress reduction, performance psychology, and effective training practices for mental health professionals.

For more information, check out my SERVICES page or email me directly.

Email: Broderick@brodericksawyer.com

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