Expert Consultation

Dr. Sawyer's expert consultation services gives you access to the full weight of psychology's scientific findings in a non-jargoned, personable form... and he doesn't stop at sharing knowledge. Dr. Sawyer will work with you to perfect your application of his advisement. With a deep personal practice of mindfulness, Dr. Sawyer brings the power of awareness to organizational change.

To most effectively help, Dr. Sawyer focuses on:

‍ * Understanding your communication style, desired outcomes, and meeting you where you're at with what you asked for.
* Understanding the unique needs and structure of your organization.
* A direct, jargon-free communication style.
* The application of mutual mindfulness, wherein Dr. Sawyer works to become "collaboratively aware" with you about past, current, and potential future issues.

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Individual Mindfulness and Meditation Coaching

With over 6 years of deep personal practice, teaching meditation, and daily study of Eastern philosophy, Dr. Sawyer takes mindfulness and meditation coaching to another level. Whether you are looking to improve formal sitting meditation techniques, learn to be more present in your life, or learn Eastern philosophy, Dr. Sawyer is a swiss army knife in the realm of mindfulness and meditation.

His coaching services will help you:

* Practice and understand formal meditation.
* Use mindfulness to become more present with yourself, career, life goals, and relationships.
*Develop knowledge of your inner self, based on developing what is called "bare attention" or "unconditioned awareness" with mindfulness and meditation.
* Learn to be consistent in your practice of daily meditation.
* Gain knowledge of Eastern philosophy and suggested readings to enhance your knowledge of the source and original purpose of mindfulness and meditation practices.

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Expert Workshops

Dr. Sawyer's workshops are designed to combine cutting-edge scientific research with direct application skills. Rather than only sharing scientific findings, Dr. Sawyer's goal is to give you enough information to understand the topic, while focusing primarily on the application of techniques.
Having provided 100+ workshops and lectures, Dr. Sawyer has a "menu" of ready-to-purchase virtual workshops (below). Additionally, he can work with you to create new workshops that address your unique needs, and even conduct workshops in person upon request!

Popular Mental Wellness Workshops: 
*Mindfulness and Meditation: The Basics
*Mental Health Hygiene: A Practice in Happiness
*Self-Compassion: Motivating yourself with Kindness
*Compassion-Focused Wellness
*Advanced Meditation: Practices, Awakening, and Living your Life Fully
Popular Life Performance Workshops: 
*Mindfulness and Performance Psychology: Awareness and Effective Detail Usage
*Turning on True Confidence: Letting go of Self-Doubt
*Compassionate Leadership: The Art of Taking your Team's Perspective with "Panoramic Awareness"
*Coping with Racial Stress
*Effective Allyship

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Media Requests

Dr. Sawyer doesn't work in traditional professional roles as a psychologist, for the sole purpose of using all his time to make his knowledge completely known to the public.
If you are in journalism and need a mental wellness expert for a story you're writing, a film-segment, or any other project that helps mental wellness become mainstream, Dr. Sawyer will make the time to be interviewed by you!

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