Building Diverse and Inclusive Communities

In this informative and open dialogue session, Dr. Sawyer breaks down what true diversity is and how you can cultivate it in your community and organization.

The workshop will cover the below topics and more:
* Visible diversity
* Diversity of thought
* Diverse leadership
* How to make your workplace more inclusive
* Q and A

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Mindfulness, Stress Reduction, and Performance

In this popular workshop, Dr. Sawyer teaches you mindfulness practices that will help you reduce stress, increase productivity and creativity, improve leadership, and improve communication skills.

The workshop will cover the below topics and more:

* A history of mindfulness and its benefits
* Hands-on instruction in mindfulness meditation practices
*Practical tips on how to incorporate mindfulness principles into your life and organization.

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Managing Race-Based Stress and Trauma

This is the most sought after workshop offered by Dr. Sawyer. In this thought provoking and healing workshop, participants will learn about the historical dynamics of race-relations, why racism exists, and be guided through a path of sustainable healing.

The workshop will cover the below topics and more:
*The core symptoms of racial stress and where they originate
*How to thrive as a racial minority despite the existence of racism
*How to cope with and address discriminatory events
*How to develop daily coping routines

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Effective Allyship

In this workshop, Dr. Sawyer reveals the secret to effective allyship by using a compassion-focused lens. Non-racial minority participants will learn how to use their power and privilege to build collaborative and culturally sensitive communities.

The workshop will cover the below topics and more:
*What effective allyship is and is not
*How allyship positively transforms organizations and communities
*How to engage in ongoing reflection to improve your understanding of race and privilege
*How to effectively and compassionately use your power and privilege as an ally

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