Broderick Sawyer, Ph.D

Healing with awareness.

Dr. Sawyer obtained his masters and doctoral degrees from the University of Louisville, completing his internship at Stony Brook University Counseling and Psychological Services.

In his role as a therapist, he conducted mindfulness meditation, self-compassion, and emotional processing groups, along with seeing individual therapy clients. In addition to providing therapy, Dr. Sawyer has extensive experience conducting workshops, trainings, and providing lectures.

He uses his expertise on the human experience to address a wide net of human problems.

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Dr. Sawyer

Before leaving the traditional "field" of psychology, Dr. Sawyer published book chapters, peer reviewed scientific articles, and worked for several years as a therapist.

Across all of his current activities, he relies on a blend of empirically-supported approaches to increase emotional intelligence, enhance psychological wellbeing, and decrease stress. When it comes to teaching style, Dr. Sawyer relies on a thorough and compassionate instruction style, to ensure comfort and clear understanding. Awareness is the key skill that he teaches across all activities.
Dr. Sawyer has an enthusiastic interest in mindfulness and compassion-based meditation, and has taught and practiced meditation for over 6 years. He spends much of his free time reading empirical literature and spiritual texts on the topic, to continue to enhance his own meditation practice and knowledge; this allows him to effectively and thoroughly teach both beginners and advanced practitioners.